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Seasonal - Black IPA - This is a particularly perfect spring seasonal India Pale Ale!  Our Black IPA takes its taste synergy from all the good that heralds spring.  It commences with a totally tantalizingly twist on an utterly unique style.  In contrast to spring green hues that are resplendently displayed by nature, this ale sports a seductive ebony hue entwined with an aroma that is bold, full of fresh floral and citrus hops, with a mischievous pinch of pine.

The heady aroma blends delightfully into an IPA made even more enigmatic with its rich roasted malts and devilishly dark chocolately, nutty flavors.  And as if that were not enough, your taste buds then perk up to the tang of refreshing orange peel and a citrus hop finish that lightly lingers and mysteriously beckons you to revisit this most enjoyable seasonal ale. At 6% alc/vol., this inimitable Black IPA is warming and yet just perfect for a replay!

Look for this seasonal brew coming out in the Spring of 2013

Seasonal - White Ale - This inimitable ale resonates with a chorus of vibrant aroma chords. The first note is the aromatic symphony of wheat and barley malt, counterpointed with a naughty hint of spice. The second movement echoes with tones of floral and citrus hops, followed by a vivacious vibrato in which the exotic key lime takes this White Ale to a magnificent crescendo of taste.

Leonine-like straw gold in look and an enigmatic subtle yeast haze makes this opus, pitch perfect in body and soul. Key Lime orchestrates a composition that compliments the traditional spicy, bready middle adding grace to a finish that is clean and bright.  And as the harmony ebbs, you will feel an urge to replay this refrain.  Allow yourself, for it is only natural to do so. White Ale is 5% alc./vol.

Look for this seasonal brew coming out in Summer of 2013

Seasonal - Pumpkin Ale - Fall brings out the best in in nature.  Almost overnight trees that looked acceptable in their majestic coats of green, now don the brazen hues of brass, gold and burnt crimsons.  Thanksgiving is perhaps the best of holidays, for it is a time for sharing and enriching our lives.  To honor Fall we offer our deep mahogany hued Pumpkin Ale, bursting with a robust roasted malt flavor.  To this mélange we add copious amounts of pumpkin and embellish that further with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.  

This would have been ideal, but perfection is our preference and so we diligently add cocoa nibs as the beer conditions and intensifies the depth of flavor.  This melds magnificently with the pumpkin and spice.  And as a fitting finale we gently introduce hops to compliment this complex potion and the result is a finish that is clean and brilliant.  At 5% alc./vol., this is a Pumpkin perfect session ale – Perfect for Fall and the approaching holiday season.

Look for this seasonal brew coming out in the Fall of 2013

The Seasonal Collection

Oatmeal Stout Blonde Ale Bock Beer Oatmeal Stout

Seasonal - Oatmeal Stout - Nature has this uncanny way of knowing what is best for us.  Take Oats for example history records that it has been used by brewers since ancient times.  Today we continue that tradition and present our winter seasonal Oatmeal Stout, a glorious jet black stout endowed with a rich long lasting tan creamy head with a captivating aroma of fresh brewed coffee.

This winter seasonal has a flavor profile replete with nuances of bold dark chocolate and black coffee, embellished with a tint of a hint of creamy caramel.  These are equably well balanced by the nutty biscuitty notes, a result of the more than generous use of rolled oats.  These myriad taste sensations are enveloped with an artful use of hops, and the outcome is a suitably pleasant dry and lingering finish.  At 6% alc./vol., this winter seasonal Oatmeal Stout may be enjoyed singularly or as the perfect complement to winter hearty fare and rich chocolate or berry desserts.  

Look for this seasonal brew coming out in the Winter of 2013